Master of Public Health


Learning Objectives

​MPH students develop practical skills for future careers as public health professionals and researchers. Upon completion of the program, students will generally be able to:

  • Conduct health research that utilizes tools and techniques aimed at better understanding population health.
  • Lead in the public health and healthcare fields by applying relevant skills and demonstrating knowledge of healthcare administration, policy and advocacy, research, and public service.
  • Serve as part of the public health workforce, improving the health and safety of communities.


Students will be prepared for specific entry points into the public health workforce depending on their background and goals. For example, recent undergraduates who complete an MPH will gain professional research skills and will be able to participate in the generation of research evidence through team-based studies and to interpret evidence to inform best practices in health care. Working professionals with more experience will be ready to contribute to the public health field by applying leadership and research skills in areas such as healthcare administration or government. Clinicians will be able to utilize the competencies gained in an MPH program to transition into research and leadership positions in a wide variety of settings.

MPH graduates may seek employment in a variety of industries, including healthcare organizations, government agencies, and higher education. Graduates of the program would be competitive for careers including:

  • Epidemiologist
  • Research analyst/ data scientist
  • Healthcare business consultant
  • Health research consultant
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Policy analyst or advisor
  • Program manager
  • Academic clinician scientist

Upon completing the program, MPH graduates may also choose to continue their studies and receive advanced training in a doctoral or clinical program.