Master of Public Health

MD-MPH Joint Degree

Students enrolled in the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine with an interest in public health may complete a joint MD-MPH degree. The MD-MPH program is not open to students enrolled in other medical schools. Physicians graduating from the MD-MPH program will be prepared for research and leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

Program Structure

The MD-MPH is a five-year program requiring 1100 units of MPH coursework in addition to the MD curriculum at the Pritzker School of Medicine. Students first complete three years of coursework at the medical school. Students interested in pursuing the joint degree are encouraged to apply to the MPH program during the autumn quarter of their third year of medical school. Accepted students will leave the medical school following their third year to pursue full-time MPH coursework for one year (3 courses/quarter for 3 quarters, plus a summer practicum experience). In their final year, students finish the fourth year of medical school requirements and the MPH capstone project.

Year Summer Autumn Winter Spring
3 MD MD/MPH applications due MD MD
5 MPH practicum MD/MPH capstone MD MD


Tuition and Scholarship

Students in the joint degree program will pay tuition for 11 MPH courses in addition to their medical school tuition. MD-MPH students receive a 50% tuition scholarship off the cost of the MPH tuition. Visit the tuition page for more information (note these prices do not reflect the MD-MPH scholarship).

Admissions Process

Current Pritzker students interested in the MPH program are encouraged to apply during autumn of their third year. Students should first contact Dr. Jim Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students at Pritzker, prior to applying for the MPH. The online application must be submitted by January 15 and includes:

  • One letter of recommendation from a current Pritzker faculty member
  • Unofficial transcript from Pritzker. Transcripts from other postsecondary education are not required for the dual degree program
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal statement
  • Signed letter of good standing from the Pritzker Associate Dean of Students